Summer Pet Safety Tips for Los Angeles

Summer is here and the heat is on! Los Angeles residents often turn to air conditioning or backyard pools for relief from higher temperatures, but pets do not always have the same options. They face an onslaught of additional dangers, as well, from summer holidays and “people food” to pests and allergies. KCAL9 recently hosted Dr. Jeff Werber, a local veterinarian who had a few tips for pet owners over the summer. We’ve compiled his tips – with a few of our own – for you to enjoy!

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration and fireworks shows, but for many pets, that loud noise can cause confusion and fear. Werber recommends an oral gel such as Sileo® specifically for noise aversion. Thunder shirts might work well for some dogs, as well.

Always keep the trash completely covered during outdoor barbecues and remind houseguests not to feed the pets. A great deal of “people food” is unsafe for pets – especially when it’s slathered in sauce! Werber says corncobs in particular can get lodged in pets’ intestines, so watch for unattended plates the pets might be able to reach.

Swimming Pools
Many dogs are great swimmers and love the water, but make sure all pets know where the stairs are in the pool. Even if your dogs fall into the pool, at least this knowledge will keep them from getting worn out. The steps are an easy way for pets to get themselves to safety without too much effort.

Ticks and fleas are the party crashers no one wants this summer. Werber notes insect bites in general are particularly common in summer. If your pet is bitten or stung, he recommends a simple ice pack to help soothe the area. If there is a stinger, use the flat edge of a credit card to scrape the skin and get it out. If inflammation persists, schedule an appointment with your local vet. Fortunately, Los Angeles pet owners have discovered our naturally pest-resistant artificial pet turf to keep their furry friends safe year-round.

Heat Control
Remember, the hottest parts of the day are between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Try not to exercise your pet in the middle of the day to avoid excessive heat. Opt instead for an early morning walk or an after-dinner jog to keep heat exhaustion at bay. Our artificial pet grass includes Turf Now!®’s signature manufacturing to keep pets cooler even when temperatures soar. This is another great way to keep pets comfortable in the warm weather!

Did you know pets can wear sunscreen, too? Werber recommends avoiding zinc oxide because it is toxic if pets lick it off, but many other sunscreen brands are perfectly safe for use on your pet and will help prevent melanomas. We suggest using a gentle baby-safe sunscreen brand on all hairless areas such as the nose or the tips of your pet’s ears.

The hottest trend for pets this summer are Hydro toys that actually hold water so your pet will get a gush of cool, refreshing water when they catch their bone or Frisbee. You can find Hydro toys online or in-store at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Keep pets safe this summer with these tips from the Los Angeles pet experts! Contact us today and learn more about the ways artificial pet grass can keep your pet cool and safe this summer.