Synthetic Grass for Pets in Los Angeles

Pets introduce unique needs to a home’s landscaping. Pet owners must be careful to install only non-toxic plants and bushes without thorns. Appropriate fencing, digging deterrents and other safety features might be added for your pet’s protection. Certain trees might be chosen to provide a cool, shady spot for your pet to lay in the sweltering summer months. Isn’t it time you put the same amount of thought into your yard’s surfacing options?

Turf Now!® L.A. has the city’s best artificial grass to keep pets healthy and happy. Learn more about the benefits synthetic grass holds for your pet:

Deter fleas and ticks. Natural grass is the perfect place for fleas, ticks and other pests to make their homes. Artificial grass naturally repels pests that might be on the lookout for your pets. Pests often carry diseases such as Lyme disease, dermatitis or even tick paralysis. Artificial grass installations* can be an important step toward disease prevention and health maintenance.

Control outdoor odors. Turf Now!® L.A.’s pet turf comes with the option to use ZeoFill, which uses Pet Friendly Antimicrobial Deodorizer Infill crystals to eliminate odors. These high-tech crystals prevent ammonia from turning into gas. It’s the natural solution to pet odors in conjunction with a regular lawn maintenance program.

Prevent digging. Our artificial grass is durable and deters dogs from digging or tunneling under fences. Additional security features are available to further protect your furry friend from escape attempts. Artificial grass also prevents non-household creatures, such as moles and gophers, from digging holes in your lawn. Experience a blemish-free backyard with durable synthetic grass.

Eliminate pesticide use. Pests and cause many homeowners to use harmful pesticides on their properties. These chemicals are tracked into the house on your pet’s paws and fur. Even after bath time, chemicals can cause skin irritation and itchiness for your pets. Care for your pet’s delicate skin by investing in a surface material that doesn’t even require harsh chemicals. Weeds are a thing of the past with Turf Now!® L.A.’s low-maintenance synthetic pet turf.

No more muddy paws. Turf Now!® pet turf has an optimal drainage rate of 30-inches per hour. This means your yard is ready to use even after heavy rain. Pets can roam freely without the worry of standing water or messy cleanup. Our innovative water drainage system allows your home’s artificial grass system to drain water efficiently and effectively.

An investment in your home’s landscaping is an investment in the well-being of your pet. Dogs and cats enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do (if not more). Often, a romp in the yard or a game of fetch can be the difference between big, sad puppy eyes at the end of the day and a wagging tail. Show your pet how much you care with Los Angeles’ best quality artificial pet grass from Turf Now!® L.A. Our professional team is standing by to offer you a free consultation today.