Synthetic Turf Makes a World of Sense for Commercial Properties

High-quality synthetic grass from Turf Now!® LA is perfect for residential lawns in California, but it’s also a smart and economical choice for commercial properties in our region.

Professionally installed* Turf Now!® commercial synthetic turf saves money for property owners and managers week after week. At the same time, it makes a great statement of environmental friendliness on behalf of the owner of the building and the business tenants who occupy it. Specifying the installation* of Turf Now!® turf instead of laying sod or growing grass can contribute towards LEED green building credits.  The best part is, unlike some “green” building features, synthetic turf is an environmental statement that everyone can see – in fact, it’s part of the first impression that visitors will get as they approach the property.

Growing non-native grass on California properties takes an inordinate amount of water – frankly, more water than our semi-arid climate can sustainably provide in the years to come. Simply put, maintaining traditional grass greenspaces just for their appearance doesn’t make sense in the Los Angeles area. With synthetic turf from Turf Now!®, your commercial property can have a lush, green look without the expense of regular irrigation at ever-rising water rates. In California, installing* commercial synthetic turf may even qualify your property for water rebates. Unlike xeriscaping, a wide green expanse of natural-looking Turf Now!® turf will have a psychological cooling effect during the hot months of the year.

Water use aside, synthetic grass also saves money on an ongoing basis because it doesn’t come with the expense of weekly mowing, regular fertilizing or periodic reseeding. Property managers don’t have to pay a big landscaping crew to maintain a commercial Turf Now!® application, even on a large property with thousands of square feet of turf. Turf Now!® does not harbor insects or give a place to take root, so applications of toxic pesticides and herbicides are not necessary. At times when it does rain, Turf Now!® turf drains quickly, at a rate up to 30 inches per hour – and the resulting runoff does not carry a load of dissolved lawn chemicals to contaminate the surrounding environment.

Turf Now!® manufactures several different products that are great for commercial applications, and carries the specifications for Turf Now!® artificial turf in all CAD formats. To see our recommended commercial products and  learn more about them, and to view a gallery of commercial installations* that we’re proudly done for clients in the past, visit the Turf Now!® LA website today at To get started on outfitting your commercial property with beautiful, environmentally friendly Turf Now!® turf, you can contact us via the website, or by calling us at 844-TURF NOW (887-3669) (that’s 818-408-4639).