The Benefits of Putting Greens

Do you want to transform your backyard with the installation* of a putting green? Or how about the inside of your home? Synthetic grass is the perfect solution. TURFNOW can provide you with the materials needed to bring the golf course straight to your home. We understand the priority of golfers, and aim to please.

A property with a putting green has several benefits. Our company provides the option of both backyard and indoor golf greens. So, for those who are still on the fence about adding golf greens to their home, here are a few benefits of putting grass instillations.

Great for Any Level of Golfer

Kids, elders and everyone else benefit, due to the low maintenance and ease of access. Whether an individual is a beginner or expert, the putting greens can be made to match any level of skill.

Provides the Opportunity to Work on Power Control

Putting greens help golfers work on their strokes. This means the player can practice on more difficult moves such as curving the ball and gauging distance.

Financially Savvy

Rather than spending money at the range to practice, golfers can simply go to their own backyard or indoors. Golf balls are easier to keep track of and there are not playing fees.

24-Hour Availability

Home putting green are available 24 hours of the day. The driving range is only open during certain times of the week. This can be very limiting, especially to those with busy schedules. The convenience of a backyard or indoor room is unbeatable.


Indoor artificial putting grass can be placed and moved into any desirable room. The living room, garage and even bathroom are limitless. Now players can bring golf with them wherever they go.

Avoid Weather Nuisances

Indoor putting greens bring golf away from any weather annoyances. This includes the humidity and heat during summers, rain during monsoon season and cold during the winters.

Increases a Home’s Value

These synthetic installations* are both unique and easy to maintain. They increase the value of a home due to their aesthetic appeal and convenience.

Chance to Personalize

Owning a putting green is exciting. This gives players the chance to add flags, obstacles, etc. Personalizing the turf is all part of the fun.

If these reasons have convinced you to install* a putting green into your home, receive a free estimate with us today! We are more than happy to provide the materials that bring golf directly to your home.