The Best Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Any parent knows children need space to run, play, and just be kids. When it comes time for schools to select the right playground grass, they should consider the same things parents would look at: safety, durability and fun! Turf Now!® Los Angeles offers artificial lawns suitable for high foot traffic and the most extreme weather conditions. Invest in grass specially designed for schools, daycare centers, parks, and wherever else children end up.

With a drainage rate of 30-inches per hour, heavy rainfall never impacts the usability of Turf Now!®’s artificial grass. When the clouds disappear, children are free to run and play on grass that is immediately usable with no risk of tracking mud indoors afterward. A superior drainage rate also means standing water hazards are eliminated. Pesky bugs and mosquitoes attracted to still water will have to go somewhere else – your child’s playground will never harbor those kinds of dangers.

Schools have special concerns because so many children use their facilities. Many children are allergic to common outdoor plants such as grass, ragweed, and other flowers, bushes and trees. Parents can rest assured Turf Now!® utilizes only the highest quality nylon fibers with soy backing to prevent allergic reactions and increase the comfort of your children. While our team has developed the most allergy-friendly grass on the market, it is not at the expense of aesthetics or feel; our artificial grass maintains a soft, natural look and feel year-round.

Turf Now!® is a member of IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association) and considers the safety of all children with installing* their products. We were one of the first companies to do away with fasteners, thus reducing the risk for injury on sharp objects sticking out of the grass. Turf Now!®’s manufacturing also lowers the surface temperatures of playground turf to ensure the lush feel of cool grass can be enjoyed by everyone.

High-traffic areas also draw a great deal of concern because many consumers believe these will be worn out in short periods of time. The exact opposite is true: Turf Now!®’s playground grass utilizes TrampleZones™ that are extremely durable. If heavy tread causes one particular section of grass to wear out, options are available to replace only that section without ripping up the entire lawn. This grass replacement technique saves time, money and materials.

When it comes to providing large groups of children a safe space to play, it is best to choose the highest quality grass with the longest life expectancy and lowest risk for allergic reaction. Children love the natural feel of Turf Now!® L.A.’s artificial playground grass beneath their feet and are free to run and play risk-free. Call 844-TURF NOW (887-3669) or complete our contact form for more information about the benefits of Turf Now!® in schools.