The Perfect Turf for Your Dog Run

Whether you have a single dog or more, pet turf is the best solution for your dog. While most people think of having their whole backyards converted to artificial grass, did you know Turf Now!® has a variety of pet turfs that are perfect for dog runs as well? If you have ever been interested in upgrading your dog run to have artificial turf, it is important to keep these things in mind.

No matter how much maintenance you put into the natural grass of a dog run, the grass will die. This is due to the dogs constant treading and disposal of wastes. Our most popular pet turf, is designed specifically for residential and commercial applications for dogs of any weight and durable enough to stand up to moderate to heavy foot traffic. Turf Now!®’s superior draining technology also ensures that 60” of water per hour (including pet urine), drains quickly and effectively, reducing the smell and prevents any pools of collected water that could attract unwanted pests.

Turf Now!® Pet is more ideal for residential use with the ability to withstand the constant use of treading dog runs, playing and even agility training. Unlike its counterpart, this particular product drains 30” of water per hour, still efficient enough to stop water from pooling around your pet areas.

Turf Now!® has an exclusive manufacturing that prevents the grass from overheating and makes it 20 percent cooler than similar artificial turf products. This same technology also makes the artificial grass have less of a “shimmer” on those brighter days. No need to worry about your dog running or playing in an uncomfortable environment.

If you would like information on installing* your own pet turf for commercial or residential use, contact Turf Now!® today to find out how you can get started!