Thousand Oaks Acorn Reports, Local Families Increasingly Prefer Synthetic Grass

“Lush green lawns are quickly becoming a thing of the past,” reports Thousand Oaks Acorn’s Stephanie Sumell.

“The Metropolitan and Calleguas municipal water districts asked residents and businesses to refrain from outdoor watering two weeks ago so that Metropolitan could shut down a regional water treatment plant for three days.”

In response, local families are increasingly exploring other options, from drought-resistant plants to artificial turf.

Of course, this is no surprise to Turf Now!® Los Angeles.

As I explained to Stephanie when she asked me to comment for the article, we have seen a dramatic increase of interest in Turf Now!® Los Angeles synthetic grass the past year or so.

On the one hand, families can save tremendous amounts of money on water. Beyond that though, eco-conscious residents can do their part to conserve water at a time when we are experiencing a severe statewide drought.

That said, artificial grass would still be a tough sell, if not for one very important thing – Turf Now!® artificial lawns really do look like the real thing.

As I told Stephanie, ““You would have to bend over and touch them to realize they aren’t real.”

Read the article in its entirety here – SoCal Families Face Reality: The Suburban Lawn Is Dead.

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