Turf Now!® and Environmental Responsibility Part 1: Backing Systems

The current generation of artificial turf is the best-looking yet. However, when Turf Now!®  set out to make a higher quality turf, we were not just focused on aesthetics, but the environment as well. We are always searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and replace old inefficient practices with methods that are more environmentally responsible. This three part series will focus on how Turf Now!® revolutionized the manufacture of artificial grass products to benefit the environment, especially in arid landscapes like California.

Many years of research and development went into creating the backing systems we use for our artificial turf. Our current backing technology extends the life of our turf by utilizing wisely-sourced materials that interface easily with the environment. In our current age, we often dispose of products once they wear out, and this causes a large amount of waste to end up in the already-crowded landfills. By using our resources wisely, and creating long-lasting, low-impact, products, we create a better future for everyone.

One of the most unique features of Turf Now!® LA backing systems is the use of natural soybean oils in place of a large percentage of the traditionally used petroleum-based polymers. Soy’s unique properties allow for its use in a variety of applications, including animal and human consumption, fuel and other industrial uses. Following recent legislation enacted to reduce formaldehyde emissions, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted the United States’ strictest emissions standards. Soy adhesives meet both CARB Phase 2 standards and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria, at a lower cost than other low-emitting alternatives. It also meets indoor air quality standards, requiring only the safest, low volatile-organic-compound producing adhesives.  The abundance of soy throughout the world means that it is a viable and renewable replacement for petrochemicals. Soybean production increased more than 70 percent in the last 20 years thanks to industry leaders like Turf Now!®. In the same time period, soybean farmers used more sustainable farming practices by reducing energy use, as well as reducing carbon emissions. This reduces dependence on foreign oil by decreasing the use of imported, petroleum-based products. It creates a higher demand for soybeans, a plant which improves air quality by consuming CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows.

Another component of Turf Now!® backing is Celceram™, which is a highly refined mineral compound recycled from electrical power plants. This product is designed to strengthen and stabilize turf backings to provide optimum support and durability. The turf backing made from soybean oil and CelceramTM was designed to support the American agricultural industry and the EPA’s initiatives for high performance and sustainable products. This method extends the life of the turf and incorporates renewable resources and recycled products.

Turf Now!® LA is a leader in the synthetic turf industry when it comes to developing sustainable technologies and systems for the innovation and application of turf products. We are committed to green technology and responsible stewardship of the Earth. We are proud to offer artificial turf for the residents of California and do our part to contribute to environmental sustainability by participating in green initiatives by the California Department of Water and Power. We specialize in installing* top quality synthetic grass that’s guaranteed to make your yard look amazing. Contact Turf Now!® at 818-408-4639 for a free sample or estimate today.