Why Choose Artificial Turf?

Having a beautiful lawn is priceless. Not only does a fresh green lawn increase the look and value of your home, it creates a comfortable place for outdoor activities with your family and friends. However managing your lawn can leave you with very little time to actually enjoy it! Artificial turf is a great way to solve this problem. With an artificial lawn from Turf Now!® LA you can have a beautiful lawn without any of the expense or backbreaking work of caring for a natural lawn. Here are some reasons to choose artificial turf for your home!

  • The Upkeep Necessary for Artificial Turf is a Fraction of the Upkeep of Natural Grass

Watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching natural grass is time consuming and expensive. Artificial turf is a low-maintenance option that allows you to have a lush green lawn all year round with almost no work, and no expensive lawn care tools!

  • Artificial Grass is Strong

Natural grass can be destroyed by heavy walking traffic, curious critters, and adverse weather. Artificial turf solves this problem, staying lush even after taking a beating, and although animals won’t find the need to dig, artificial turf is nontoxic and pet safe!

  • Artificial Grass is Versatile

Unlike natural grass that cannot survive extreme heat or cold, artificial turf can outlast even the coldest northern winters and hottest southern summers.

  • Artificial Grass is “Green”

Synthetic grass is created from recycled material, and normally outlasts natural grass. Artificial turf also requires no watering or pesticides, saving our water supply in multiple ways!

  • Artificial Grass Looks Great all Year Round

Synthetic turf looks great from day one, and stays that way for years. Natural grass may die in patches or as a whole, however with artificial turf you can count on a full vibrant lawn, no matter what the weather or time of year!

Owners of our artificial grass enjoy a lifestyle much different from their neighbors with natural grass, with lower water bills, and more time to relax without having to worry about time-consuming yard work. Our customers are always so amazed at what a switch to synthetic grass can do for not just their landscape, but their lives.

At Turf Now!® LA, we specialize in installing* artificial turf that looks picture-perfect all year long. We’ll even come right to your home and give you a free estimate.

Why not make this summer a stress-free one with a brand new artificial lawn? For free samples or an estimate, call Turf Now!® LA today at 818-408-4639.