Why Do Los Angeles General Contractors and Landscapers Love Wholesale Artificial Grass From Turf Now!?

High-quality wholesale artificial grass is available for general contractors and landscapers for numerous applications in Los Angeles, CA from the team at Turf Now! Not only does our synthetic grass possess many great benefits, but it is also a great addition to the services a general contractor or landscaper can offer their clients.

As a general contractor or landscaper, presenting the best-finished product is essential to ensuring your client is satisfied and willing to use your services repeatedly. Yet, you also know that most contract or even landscape work can wreak havoc on lawns thanks to the use of heavy machinery and equipment, and you cannot always tread carefully when on a timeline. So consider adding artificial grass installation to your list of services and partner with us at Turf Now! for first-rate wholesale artificial turf products!

Reasons To Use Wholesale Artificial Grass

While there are many reasons to add artificial grass installation to your contracting or landscaping company’s list of services, there are three that are the most important:

Replace Damaged Lawns

Due to the nature of general contract work and some landscaping work, it can be nearly impossible to avoid damaging lawns, especially when heavy machinery is involved in a project. Providing artificial turf installation to replace damaged lawns can be a beneficial solution for your client and provide you with more business on a project.

Excellent Upsell Potential

Because of its many benefits and its excellent return on investment, artificial turf has outstanding upsell potential for general contractors and landscapers in Los Angeles, California. This is generally because owning property is an investment, and improving its value is essential for any home or business owner.

Add a Superb Finishing Touch

Due to its many advantages, adding synthetic grass to a residential or commercial project can be a great finishing touch to truly wow your clients and help improve overall customer satisfaction with your services.

General Contractor & Landscaper Projects That Can Use Synthetic Grass

Wholesale artificial grass from us at Turf Now! is a remarkably versatile surfacing material. As such, it is beneficial for use in numerous types of projects, including the following:

Residential Projects

Residential artificial grass projects are one of the most notable applications that can benefit from adding artificial turf. Most homeowners do not want to take the time or spend the money needed to maintain a traditional grass lawn continuously. But because a disorderly property makes for an unwanted eyesore, they can benefit from owning beautiful synthetic grass that needs little maintenance.

Commercial Projects

Another type of application that can benefit from synthetic turf are large commercial buildings, such as businesses and companies in Los Angeles. Typically, commercial property owners appreciate our artificial grass because it is consistent and cost-effective, making it a smart investment.

Recreational Projects

Other projects that can benefit from the addition of specialized artificial grass from us at Turf Now! are recreational projects, which can include children’s playgroundsathletic fieldsputting greenspet parks, and many more.

Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Residential, commercial, recreational, and other projects and clients in Los Angeles, CA, can benefit from our wholesale artificial grass for general contractors and landscapers in many ways. By offering it to them, you can provide them with the following advantages:

Minimum Maintenance

One of the most beloved features of wholesale synthetic grass from Turf Now! is that it requires minimum maintenance to keep it looking its best. It never needs watering, mowing, edging, deweeding, or chemical treatments. Instead, it requires only semi-regular removal of typical debris like leaves and twigs. This makes it a great investment for saving both time and money.

Better Durability

Conventional grass can easily fall apart when faced with wear and tear. Thankfully, our synthetic turf is built to withstand many types of wear and tear. For example, our artificial grass is resistant to inclement weather and foot traffic. In doing so, it can remain beautiful for longer, providing a consistent look and feel for your clients.

Attractive & Uniform Appearance

Unlike traditional grass surfaces that can and often experience dry brown splotches across its surface, our highly realistic artificial grass is an excellent way to achieve a long-lasting uniform turf appearance that is lush, green, and perfectly trimmed, which can aid in enhancing a property’s overall curb appeal.

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Wholesale artificial grass for general contractors and landscapers provides you with an excellent way to expand your business in Los Angeles, California, especially when using the top-quality turf from us at Turf Now! We offer several types of wholesale artificial turf, which can be beneficial additions to residential, commercial, and other types of properties in Los Angeles.

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