Why You Should Buy Commercial Artificial Grass from Turf Now! in Southern California

Unchanging beauty, durability, and low levels of maintenance are just some of the many reasons why you should buy commercial artificial grass in Los Angeles, CA and other Southern California communities from Turf Now! With our high-quality artificial grass equipped to your commercial property, you can experience these benefits and more. Because unlike traditional grass, our choice synthetic turf is always green, built to withstand wear and tear, and even environmentally friendly!

Discover the details on our commercial artificial grass for Southern California businesses below:

Exceptional Durability

Businesses in Los Angeles, Anaheim, and other Southern California communities often experience lots of foot traffic. This, combined with the sunny weather, can wreak havoc on conventional grass surfaces, leaving them dry, patchy, and overall visually unappealing. Thankfully, with grand commercial artificial grass from Turf Now!, businesses in Southern California can have beautifully green surfaces that resist multiple types of wear and tear. In doing so, business owners can worry less about how their surfaces and curb appeal are holding up and focus more on caring for their customers, clients, and employees.

Artificial grass backyard


One of the most popular aspects of our commercial artificial turf is the lack of maintenance required with it. Unlike traditional sod lawns and landscapes, our commercial synthetic grass does not need to be irrigated, trimmed with a mower and other devices, treated with any chemicals, or had the weeds pulled from it. This makes it a more cost-effective surfacing solution for businesses – since practically no work is needed to keep it looking its best.

Drought-Friendly Landscaping

In Southern California as well as the rest of California, conserving water is a vital issue. Droughts are a common occurrence, which often forces state agencies to regulate water usage. Typically, this includes limiting the watering of traditional grass lawns and landscapes. This usually leads to dead lawns on properties across the state. Fortunately, though, with commercial artificial grass from us at Turf Now!, you never need to worry about watering, making our synthetic turf an attractive, drought-friendly alternative.

Unmatched Lush, Green Beauty

Curb appeal is crucial for any business or commercial property, especially in Southern California. Fortunately, with our commercial synthetic turf, your property will never be lacking in visual appeal. Our artificial grass retains a grand, lush, green appearance throughout its long life. In doing so, you can have an inviting lawn or landscape on your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Selection Of Artificial Turf For Commercial Properties In Southern California

At Turf Now!, we offer commercial properties in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Malibu, and more a variety of artificial grass products to choose from. Some of our many synthetic surfacing products include:

With our multiple commercial synthetic turf products, you and your business can better address differing needs, including those of pets, children, athletes, golfers, and more!

Why Choose Turf Now! For Commercial Artificial Grass?

Turf Now! is the leading option for choice commercial artificial turf and installation across Southern California communities. Our team prides itself on providing our customers with “instant grassification.” We want you to receive the artificial grass you need, along with stellar service that leaves you feeling gratified. This is our commitment to you, and it is what has made us a top choice among commercial properties in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale, and more!

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Commercial artificial grass from Turf Now! is a grand, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional grass surfaces in Southern California communities like Los Angeles, CA. Our synthetic turf for commercial properties is remarkably durable, drought-friendly, and undeniably beautiful. This makes it a cost-effective investment for businesses that pays back in time and money saved on upkeep as well as years of enhanced curb appeal. Find out more by contacting us for a free synthetic grass consultation today!