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Sequoia Everlast Series

Enjoy a Lush Landscape Year-Round

Featuring three distinct products engineered for a range of foot traffic levels, Everlast’s Sequoia series is the perfect match for any homeowner. With an ultra-realistic look and feel, this series seamlessly blends into any natural setting. The olive green and field green blade tones, combined with a subtle yet dynamic green and tan thatch layer, will give your lawn a freshly watered look year-round and leave your neighbors green with envy.

Sequoia Series Overview

Our three Spring products boast a stunning combination of field green and lime green blade tones, while the Fescue range showcases natural shades of field green and olive green. All six products in the range have a tan and green thatch for elevated realism in any application.

  • Sequoia Ultra Light

  • Sequoia Light

Crafted with Durability and Safety in Mind

The oval grass blade shape provides a soft, pliable feel with a realistic appearance, making it indistinguishable from real grass and able to withstand light to moderate foot traffic. It’s also manufactured with UV inhibitors to prevent color fading, and the turf blades are triple-reinforced into the backing using tuft bind technology to make them extremely resistant to pull force. If you want a lawn that looks lush and delicate but will stand the test of time, the Everlast Sequoia series is the premier landscaping solution.

Artificial turf material by TigerTurf.

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