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Artificial turf sports fields from Turf Now! are ideal surfaces for indoor or outdoor athletic training and competition in Los Angeles, CA and other California communities. Unlike living grass, artificial turf is far more reliable and even safer for athletes. Our high-quality synthetic grass and artificial turf products provide sports fields and facilities with several advantages over traditional sod and a number of surfacing alternatives. As a result, our artificial turf for sports fields is an exceptional, durable, and cost-effective material for athletic training and competition.

A Safer Alternative for Athletes

Artificial turf from Turf Now! provides a safer surface for sports in Los Angeles, CA and more. Unlike natural grass or other alternative surfaces, synthetic turf is installed* with a durable and cushioned backing. As a result, our artificial grass or synthetic turf provides a shock-absorbing surface. This makes it easier on running feet and helps prevent potentially serious injuries if or when a fall occurs.

However, a cushioned backing is not the only feature that makes artificial turf from Turf Now! safer. Unlike traditional grass, synthetic grass and artificial turf do not need to be watered. When living grass is watered consistently, it can retain water, making it a much more slippery surface. Sadly, slippery surfaces like this often lead to an increase in non-contact injuries in sports like football, baseball, and more. Artificial grass, on the other hand, does not need to be watered and does not retain water, which allows it to be a drier and more consistent surface for athletes to use more safely.

Low Maintenance & Cost Effective

At Turf Now!, our artificial athletic turf is a low-maintenance option for a variety of sports fields. As noted, synthetic turf does not have the same watering requirements as natural grass. Thankfully, it also does not need to be trimmed, mowed, seeded, or fertilized either. Our artificial grass maintains its perfectly trimmed and green appearance throughout its long life. As a result, sports facilities and teams can save money on their groundskeeping costs, which can allow teams to put more of their budget into acquiring top-tier talent. Ultimately, this makes artificial sports turf installation* a cost-effective investment.

Available for Indoor & Outdoor Installation*

Partnering with us at Turf Now! begins a positive relationship for you and your landscape contracting business. By working with us as your artificial grass supplier in California, you gain access to our expertise and high level of customer service as well as our prime selection of artificial turf products that are made in the United States.

Further Benefits of Artificial Sports Turf in Los Angeles

Artificial turf from Turf Now! is a remarkably advantageous surfacing material. Other notable benefits of installing* artificial sports turf include:

Year-Round Appeal

Unlike living grass, our artificial grass and synthetic turf offer our customers year-round appeal. Our turf never turns brown and is less likely to develop patches. Instead, it maintains a trimmed, green look throughout its extended life. 


Artificial sports turf is incredibly durable. Athletes and athletic equipment can be pretty unforgiving to natural grass and other surfaces. Fortunately, our synthetic turf is up for the challenge. It can withstand high foot traffic, athletic wear and tear, and fading from the Sun’s UV rays.

Environmental Friendliness

At Turf Now!, our artificial sports turf is environmentally friendly. It eliminates the need for watering, lawn mowing, and fertilizing, which are unsustainable and ecologically harmful practices. As a result, our synthetic turf is greener in more ways than one!

Water savings and more with artificial lawns

Save time. Save money. Save water. Our beautiful synthetic lawns make saving water easy. And save your weekends for more important things. An artificial grass lawn requires little to no maintenance. So you won’t be out in the hot sun wasting time mowing and trimming your lawn.

Synthetic lawns always look beautiful

Beautiful aesthetics is just one of the many benefits with a synthetic turf for your yard. It is always green no matter what the season.

Environmental Benefits

We mentioned water savings already and further environmental benefits are that there is no need for harsh lawn chemicals nor harsh fertilizers to maintain the beautiful lawn.

Also, with traditional lawns those mowing and trimming tools run on fossil fuels and emit harmful exhausts. Make them obsolete with a new synthetic turf for your home for both the front yard and the backyard.

Invest intelligently with an artificial lawn

Enjoy your outdoor spaces more while you benefit from the investment in your home’s value in both luxury and curb appeal.

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Artificial turf from Turf Now! is a superior material for a number of different sports fields in Los Angeles, CA and other California communities. Our cost-effective synthetic sports turf is safer, easier to maintain, attractive, highly durable, and eco-friendly. It is also available for installation* in indoor and outdoor sports fields and facilities. For more information on artificial sports turf or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

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“I am so happy with my Turf Now! backyard artificial turf installation. My dogs love it just as much. The Turf Now! team was fast, skilled, economical and gave me the best material option for the best price of all the quotes I received. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for fake grass”.

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“I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE having this turf for my 3 Boxers. We had it installed late fall so this will be the 1st summer with it and Spring is welcomed with open arms that aren’t full of mud!!! Bring on the rain because WE DON’T CARE ANYMORE! !!! Best thing we ever did!”.

Tina Kapottas
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